Show dates 2022 :

July 22, 23, 28, 29 & 30 and August 4 & 5.

The “hier, un village” (literally “YESTERDAY, A VILLAGE”) show is organised and performed by an association of more than 500 volunteers.

It retraces the life of our parents and grand-parents, in the French countryside, during the first half of the last century.

The different scenes

Scene 1

Jeannou, the old farmer, arrives in the village. He is going to meet Marinou, a granny, who has lived there for a very long time. They tell their life story to three children who came to join them.

Scene 2

The villagers appear like statues on the scene.

Scene 3

The village comes to life: the farmer gets up, the miller comes out of his mill, the blacksmith hammers on his anvil, the children go to school.


Scene 4

Life’s good: the children dance in the square, the conscripts (future soldiers) party in front of the farm, the wedding preparations are underway.

Scene 5

This is the “Fête Dieu” procession, a religious festival (Dieu=God).

Scene 6

In this scene  war is evoked with the conscripts leaving, the terrible hail of bullets and remembering of the fallen!.


Scene 7

The dancers on the water and the release of a dove by a little girl  announce  the return of peace.

Scene 8

The village was close to the industrial Area in Decazeville; many farmers were also miners.

Scene 9

It’s the funeral; a miner, friend of Jeannou died in a firedamp; the villagers mourn one of their own.

Scene 10

The wedding can go ahead.

Scene 11

With a magnificent laser effect, you look at  the work in the fields.

Scene 12

Autumn is the season of grape picking, ploughing; a flock of sheep cross the stage; village life continues.


Scene 13

It’s winter; the inhabitants go to midnight mass; the farmers meet up for long evenings around the fire.

Scene 14

It’s hot, the reapers and harvesters are at work; it’s summer. The open air market takes place.

Scene 15

The storm breaks; a fire starts behind the village.


Scene 16

The fire is put out, now they can thresh the corn.

Scene 17

It’s the village fete: people are playing, dancing, laughing….

Scene 18: Final scene

The show comes to an end; the grandfather leaves and is replaced by an explosion of special effects and fireworks.

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